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AT&T “Market Mishap” Storyboards!

A while back, I got called in to my good clients at DirecTV (now AT&T) to work on a spot for their Adworks campaign- a commercial about commercials! How funny!  But really, it makes sense to make sure your advertising dollars aren’t going to waste, right?  That’s why you hire ‘Ol Maxy, right? and then you use Adworks to make sure the Ads go in front of your target audience!  Otherwise, well… see below!

Our Hero “Ad Man” runs from setting to setting, doing his best to sell product to the most unmatched of buyers- with very predictable results.  But the laughs are an easy sell! Lol!

Here’s the boards!  I hope you enjoy them, this is some of my finest work!

Here’s the final spot!!

Yup, no matter how hard you try, Gladys at the nursing home isn’t going to buy your reduced price Lamborghini.  You just have to face facts!

This project was a little more extensive than most and we had time to board out some “B-Roll” if you will, with options for other shots to help sell up the humor a bit.  It was all optional and really, at the end of the day, humor depends on the performance of the actors and more, so you do a lot of alternative takes to see what works best.  But I did my part and boarded it out my best, to give it a fair shot at success.  So, next up you’ll see some boards that are disjointed in continuity but will hopefully spur a neuron or two and make you chuckle.  Enjoy!


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“Date Night” Storyboards



Here’s a quick sweet little project I boarded a while back – one of those synergistic multi-product subtle mega-mercials masquerading as a network PSA – tips for a fun “date night!”

Here, a couple starts out there morning routine as usual- but then in a moment of whimsy, it strikes them to spice things up a bit and go on an impromptu date night!  All with the help the Hallmark Channel’s suggestion of a “Date Night” jar of fun date activities, and of course, great products from Proctor and Gamble, like Crest toothpaste and Pantene hair spray.

They dress their best, pick from the date night jar, and the winner is: ‘Rent a Convertible and Buzz up the Coast for some Seafood!’  Sounds like fun!  Here’s the boards:


What I like most about these boards is the great way I pulled off a natural depiction of the “everyday couple.”  The first couple frames of the pair brushing their teeth, being casual/typical/routine, and then simultaneously coming to the same notion- “are you thinking what I’m thinking?”  Blowdrying their hair, picking out clothes, checking their makeup- it’s really important to be able to convincingly draw the normal, everyday stuff, and making it appealing, and I was lucky to have this practice.

I don’t know if they ever did make this commercial, so I don’t have the final vid to show you either way, but no biggie, it’s all about the boards anyway!  See you next time!


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Red Bull / Audi Storyboards


redbull_audi_frames1_0001_Layer 2

Here’s a very fun spot I did a while back for Red Bull/Audi;  a little cross promotional effort to reinforce mutual branding and associations.  Basically, it’s a mini-documentary of an extreme sports spectacle: a never-before-seen coordinated group of stunts with multiple flight technologies being expertly demonstrated, and beautifully shot.

This kind of event is more “captured” than executed according to shot list, so there’s some amount of looseness between what’s intended and final outcome- but I was able to help out by drawing up some nice presentation-style frames to help sell through the concept- and these shots were detailed very specifically by the director, who included great references for the planes, vehicles and locations.  That helps a lot in making the boards come through as intended and being the most helpful in terms of advancing the production.  I like that storyboards can be useful in a production like this, even though it’s also a known thing that on the day of the actual shoot, they’ll have to just roll with however things come out.  If you ask me, that’s the REAL stunt!  Ha!  Here’s the boards:


And here’s the final spot:

Very cool!  Thanks for checking in.


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Star Wars Lego – Commercial Pitch

SWlego_1h_0013_Layer 14b

A long time ago, in a studio far far away- I drew up some storyboards for a Star Wars TFA / Legos teaser-style commercial!  Its a lot of fun to draw Star Wars stuff, and like everyone else on the planet, I was very excited about the new films coming out.  So I’m super happy that these boards turned out so great!

So the concept is pretty simple; it had to be, since the details of the movie where still very secret while we were working on this pitch. With a very cinematic, true-to-the-source/directing style approach, we create a tension and build the action as something unseen is pounding at the pod bay doors and we see a squad of stormtroopers converge in anticipation of something powerful breaking through.  Boom!  The doors blast open and inside is something- very small!  Lego star wars characters!  The main Hero lineup is there, ready for action, and they charge through and chase away the stormtroopers.  Classic misdirection.

Here’s the boards:


I had two days to put these boards together and I think they look great- there’s a great cinematic feel to them and somehow I managed to use some colorization photo effects in photoshop to quickly add some effective color treatments.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the job, but it was a fun project!

See you next time,


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Intel Series pt 1: “Plunge” featuring the Peak fitness watch

intel_plunge1d__0003_Layer 4

Another great spot I storyboarded for my clients at Slim Pictures.  These is an Intel commercial but focused on their integration with the latest offerings in computing wearables- called out in this case as the Peak fitness watch.

In this spot we chase our Heroine through a densely wooded northern California forest- tracking, panning, pushing through the ferns and keeping up best we can as she pushes herself harder and further- checking in with her fitness watch to get the latest info on her heart rate and target BPM- she’s almost there!  She rallies and reaches her “Peak” at the same moment the forest clears from view and she plunges into a cool lake 3 stories below… taking us along for the ride!

Here’s the boards:


And here’s the final spot:

I had to execute these boards quickly, of course (this was among five other spots of theirs that I was boarding that day- hence the roughness), but I feel I did a good job of capturing the feeling of intense determination that ultimately came across so clearly in the final spot.  It always helps when the client is additionally able to supply a wealth of location photos so that I can know for sure that I’m drawing the trees, paths, and cliffs with all the accuracy they need to unify the director’s vision among the production team.  It’s a great feeling to put my skills to such practical use.

See you next time!

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Gillette Venus 2015

I consider myself fortunate to have the pleasure of regularly working with very talented directors who appreciate my passion for good storyboards.  And so it is that I can look forward to, every year, working with director Katja Brauer on her latest Gillette Venus spot- you see, in Germany, they have the German version of America’s Next Top Model, and Gillette sponsors the winners to appear in their commercials, so on these occasions, I’m drawing Germany’s Next Top Models, with emphasis on their amazingly (and effortlessly!) well-groomed legs.  I’m always excited to draw some nice legs.  I wish we had more time to spend on this spot- I had about 6 hours or so, I think, from start to finish.  So I didn’t get much time to finesse the drawing, but as they were shooting boards, I couldn’t get too hung up on their presentability.  But they do look pretty good besides, so why not show them here?  Of course, we were not privvy to whom the actual winners of the contest were- that information was not yet announced as we were drawing the storyboards.  I run into this kind of thing all the time.  You just do your best and make sure you’re hitting the general ethnographic stereotypes- as long as they are pretty!

There’s no real narrative- Just a fun romp of beautiful German models roaming Hollywood boutiques trying on clothes- fearlessly showing off their legs as they go, empowered with confidence that only a compact, discreet, and convenient Gillette Venus razor can provide, for on-the-go grooming.  Boards first, then final spot.  Hope you brushed up on your German.  Enjoy!

If you are in Germany, you can see the spot at the link below!  If not, well, you can’t.  Oh well!

Thanks, see you next time!