Gillette Venus 2015

I consider myself fortunate to have the pleasure of regularly working with very talented directors who appreciate my passion for good storyboards.  And so it is that I can look forward to, every year, working with director Katja Brauer on her latest Gillette Venus spot- you see, in Germany, they have the German version of America’s Next Top Model, and Gillette sponsors the winners to appear in their commercials, so on these occasions, I’m drawing Germany’s Next Top Models, with emphasis on their amazingly (and effortlessly!) well-groomed legs.  I’m always excited to draw some nice legs.  I wish we had more time to spend on this spot- I had about 6 hours or so, I think, from start to finish.  So I didn’t get much time to finesse the drawing, but as they were shooting boards, I couldn’t get too hung up on their presentability.  But they do look pretty good besides, so why not show them here?  Of course, we were not privvy to whom the actual winners of the contest were- that information was not yet announced as we were drawing the storyboards.  I run into this kind of thing all the time.  You just do your best and make sure you’re hitting the general ethnographic stereotypes- as long as they are pretty!

There’s no real narrative- Just a fun romp of beautiful German models roaming Hollywood boutiques trying on clothes- fearlessly showing off their legs as they go, empowered with confidence that only a compact, discreet, and convenient Gillette Venus razor can provide, for on-the-go grooming.  Boards first, then final spot.  Hope you brushed up on your German.  Enjoy!

If you are in Germany, you can see the spot at the link below!  If not, well, you can’t.  Oh well!

Thanks, see you next time!




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