A Million Ways to Die in the West / Lizard Lick Towing

Here’s a quick fun one- my clients needed shoot boards for a promo synergistically tying in the Tru TV series “Iguana Lick Towing” with Universal Pictures release “A Million Ways to Die in the West.”  It’s like two commercials in one- hey, at least it’s efficient!

Ancestors_Repo_FRAMES_0005_Layer 6

Nothing particularly remarkable about this job, other than the timeline- I had to cram in 22 frames in 6 hours, which is pretty tight!  But they look pretty decent- the trick is to keep it simple and listen carefully to what they need!  I was lucky in this case to have a shot list.  That reminds me: Hey people, shot lists save time and money, and you get the shots you are looking for.  Most directors skip this extremely important step, and there ends up being a lot of unnecessary back and forth revising.  So, young directors out there, think about the shots you want, write them down, and you’ll get things done sooner and cheaper.

The plot of the story is pretty simple- we flash back with out Towing heroes to the old west, when their ancestors were repossessing horses.  Its a violent place, and they risk peril to accomplish their goal- much like the characters in A Million Ways to Die in the West- coming soon to theaters.

I’m happy that the boards on this project very closely matched the frames I drew- means I did a good job!  The final video is below.




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