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“Brave Frontier” Storyboards

So, here’s some awesome storyboards I did for a video game commercial- a mobile game app called “Brave Frontier,” which is apparently very popular.  I wish I had more time to play games myself!  Jumped into this project and worked concurrently with some very talented concept artists and directors to establish a very cool look and mood for the piece.

Brave3h_1_0002_Layer 3

In this commercial, we see two figures meet- on the sandblasted ruins of some ancient civilization- and they psyche each other out as they prepare to duel.  They take turns evolving into more powerful forms of themselves, and summoning more allies, before the scale tips and they charge each other to fight!  Here’s the boards.

It’s so fun to get to draw dramatic action, and I really liked the cool concept artwork the other artists were developing for the characters’ looks.  Very inspiring.  These are a little sketchier than I usually finish, but it worked, given the subject matter, and we didn’t have lots of time to polish anyway.

The final commercial, below, was certainly very true to the shots and compositions of storyboards- but at the risk of providing a personal opinion (which I always hesitate to do, as it is of little service to clients), I felt the final animation style was not as edgy as would have been better served to compliment the mood we sought- at least initially.  There could have been any number of decisions made since my contribution, leading to the final product.  As the storyboard artist, I’m one of the first in and first out, and things always evolve as the production continues.

Despite this, I had fun working on the project and I’m very proud of these drawings- I think they look cool!




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My Graphic Novel is now on sale! Available in Digital and Print!

Vol01CoverI’m very excited to announce that 3 Minute Max, my graphic novel/webcomic, is now available for purchase in digital and print versions!  This first volume is the collection of chapters 1-3 and is about 98 pages.  Print versions are $20 and include shipping and taxes.  Digital versions are $5.99 and available via Kindle or Comixology apps.  The Comixology and Kindle “guided view” reading options put you right in the HD cinematic-style action.  This is the best way to view the art and experience the comic as it was meant to be.

I highly encourage you to purchase a copy.  All proceeds will go towards the purchase of bacon and beer supplies.


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K-Pow!! Zing!! Baff!

More comics!  So, this month (December) my artwork will be included in Heroes of the North: CODA – Omnibus #3!  It’s a collection of stories, with a bunch of artists contributing, and I’ve done a little two-pager for it.  I’m excited to finally be in real print.  I poured my skill into the work and I’m stoked that I’ll have a chance to show it off.  Here’s a peek at the cover (not my artwork):

[singlepic id=454 w=320 h=240 float=]


A little background, Heroes of the North is a Canadian superhero comic book title/film series being produced by Christian Viel of Movie Seals.  I like the characters in this series mostly due to the badass modern looking costumes they wear.  Its a fresh look for superheroes and reminds me a bit of the costume redesigns they used in the Watchmen movie.

Christian is an old storyboarding client of mine (from the days of Recon 2022) and a very good customer of my Dad’s special effects.  He saw the work I did on Three Minute Max and thought it would be cool if I drew couple pages for the upcoming Omnibus.  So I cranked ’em out, and we’ll see how they look in print!

This particular two pager features the heroine Fleur-de-Lys kicking the asses of two hapless criminals who were robbing a comic book store.  Well, I know my artwork was good!  Here’s a taste:

[singlepic id=452 w=320 h=240 float=]


[singlepic id=453 w=500 h=240 float=]


I used a new coloring technique on this project, building on what I used for Three Minute Max.  It’s a little quicker, and frankly, I like how it looks better too. So, go me for experimenting.  I’ve been reading a lot of books on color theory lately and attending lectures when I can find time – I have a long way to go with color, but I’m definitely improving.  Now I can take this new knowledge and apply to my own comic and storyboard projects too.

So, if you’re interested, maybe order a copy or something!  Shipping in December 2012.