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Duracell – Pitch Storyboards


duracell3b_0004_Layer 5

Here’s one I’ve had on ice a while now- an old pitch, that we didn’t get awarded, and thus I’ve not really been able to present, but enough time has passed that we can risk a look at my work, and hope nobody minds.  It was a rare “throw your best efforts and time at this project” kind of assignment, and I had 3 days to turn around some serious quality work- presentation quality board for a pitch on Duracell, for an anthem-style spot, something epic and inspiring and durable- something to remember.

The creative concept for this project is a little abstract but also very effective- the engineering and precision that goes into Duracell batteries on the micro scale goes on to influence the engineering and precision on the macro scale further down the line.  Through juxtaposition of imagery, micro and macro, we see point by point comparisons of how the dedication of craft is passed through from creator to creator.  The narrative is driven visually so I encourage you to view the whole sequence and see if you can pick up on the intent.  I’m proud of this work and happy to show it to you, here’s the boards!


Hope you liked it!  On this project, the direction for whole spot was detailed out in dozens and dozens of vignette descriptions as provided by the creative director- shot by shot, and so I just did my very best to draw what was written.  It’s always amazing to me how talented directors can see the entire spot in their minds, and when partnered with a talented board artist, can really put together something special.   I loved this job, and what a shame it never got made.  Oh well, that’s how it goes!

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Apple Commercial – “Better Starts Here”

env1c_0002_Layer 3

So!  Another cool Apple commercial under my belt.  I really like doing these editorial-style commercials (the juxtaposition of the shots lead the viewer to form deeper associations even with seemingly unrelated visuals) and my good clients at Slim Pictures know the secret to booking ol’ Maxi: advance notice!  Most clients seem to be booking more and more at the last minute- and that’s not gonna work out with my schedule, usually.  But with a couple week’s notice, you can get me every time.   They work me hard and fast but it helps a lot that I get a good amount of heads up.  And they also do another thing that helps a great deal- the directors craft perfect shotlists that detail exactly what they are looking for in each storyboard frame.  These guys aren’t messing around!  This kind of forethought means I don’t have to waste mental energy trying to “read their minds” or fill in the gaps of a half-baked treatment or second guess any of my inferences- it’s all laid out like sheet music, and I just follow the instructions.  Good thing too, because they have tight deadlines and it’s always a mad rush to finish quickly- but the results speak for themselves.

In this spot, we use a montage of macro and wide shots of both natural imagery and high tech subject matter- to illustrate Apple’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes.  At two minutes long, it’s one of the longer commercials I’ve worked on.  I must admit that on such a well-concepted project, there was little room for me contribute ideas, but I was very happy to be part of the project anyway, even it was simply to provide timely storyboards.  Here they are:


And here’s the final video:

That’s it!  See you next time.