Intel Series pt 1: “Plunge” featuring the Peak fitness watch

intel_plunge1d__0003_Layer 4

Another great spot I storyboarded for my clients at Slim Pictures.  These is an Intel commercial but focused on their integration with the latest offerings in computing wearables- called out in this case as the Peak fitness watch.

In this spot we chase our Heroine through a densely wooded northern California forest- tracking, panning, pushing through the ferns and keeping up best we can as she pushes herself harder and further- checking in with her fitness watch to get the latest info on her heart rate and target BPM- she’s almost there!  She rallies and reaches her “Peak” at the same moment the forest clears from view and she plunges into a cool lake 3 stories below… taking us along for the ride!

Here’s the boards:


And here’s the final spot:

I had to execute these boards quickly, of course (this was among five other spots of theirs that I was boarding that day- hence the roughness), but I feel I did a good job of capturing the feeling of intense determination that ultimately came across so clearly in the final spot.  It always helps when the client is additionally able to supply a wealth of location photos so that I can know for sure that I’m drawing the trees, paths, and cliffs with all the accuracy they need to unify the director’s vision among the production team.  It’s a great feeling to put my skills to such practical use.

See you next time!




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