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AT&T “Market Mishap” Storyboards!

A while back, I got called in to my good clients at DirecTV (now AT&T) to work on a spot for their Adworks campaign- a commercial about commercials! How funny!  But really, it makes sense to make sure your advertising dollars aren’t going to waste, right?  That’s why you hire ‘Ol Maxy, right? and then you use Adworks to make sure the Ads go in front of your target audience!  Otherwise, well… see below!

Our Hero “Ad Man” runs from setting to setting, doing his best to sell product to the most unmatched of buyers- with very predictable results.  But the laughs are an easy sell! Lol!

Here’s the boards!  I hope you enjoy them, this is some of my finest work!

Here’s the final spot!!

Yup, no matter how hard you try, Gladys at the nursing home isn’t going to buy your reduced price Lamborghini.  You just have to face facts!

This project was a little more extensive than most and we had time to board out some “B-Roll” if you will, with options for other shots to help sell up the humor a bit.  It was all optional and really, at the end of the day, humor depends on the performance of the actors and more, so you do a lot of alternative takes to see what works best.  But I did my part and boarded it out my best, to give it a fair shot at success.  So, next up you’ll see some boards that are disjointed in continuity but will hopefully spur a neuron or two and make you chuckle.  Enjoy!


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Intel Series pt 6: “Kayak”


intel_skypekayak1e_0002_Layer 3

Our last one for the Intel series!  What a journey.

Starting out, we see a typical video conference.  Our high profile businesswoman is kicking corporate butt.  But then we reveal that she’s actually lakeside- using the power of Intel to convince her colleagues that she’s all business, but actually keeping a great work/life separation.  Neat!

Here’s the boards:


And here’s the final spot!


Finally!  Done with Intel!  I’ll take a small break and come back with new spots soon.  Thanks for hanging in there!


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Apple Commercial – “Better Starts Here”

env1c_0002_Layer 3

So!  Another cool Apple commercial under my belt.  I really like doing these editorial-style commercials (the juxtaposition of the shots lead the viewer to form deeper associations even with seemingly unrelated visuals) and my good clients at Slim Pictures know the secret to booking ol’ Maxi: advance notice!  Most clients seem to be booking more and more at the last minute- and that’s not gonna work out with my schedule, usually.  But with a couple week’s notice, you can get me every time.   They work me hard and fast but it helps a lot that I get a good amount of heads up.  And they also do another thing that helps a great deal- the directors craft perfect shotlists that detail exactly what they are looking for in each storyboard frame.  These guys aren’t messing around!  This kind of forethought means I don’t have to waste mental energy trying to “read their minds” or fill in the gaps of a half-baked treatment or second guess any of my inferences- it’s all laid out like sheet music, and I just follow the instructions.  Good thing too, because they have tight deadlines and it’s always a mad rush to finish quickly- but the results speak for themselves.

In this spot, we use a montage of macro and wide shots of both natural imagery and high tech subject matter- to illustrate Apple’s commitment to sustainable manufacturing processes.  At two minutes long, it’s one of the longer commercials I’ve worked on.  I must admit that on such a well-concepted project, there was little room for me contribute ideas, but I was very happy to be part of the project anyway, even it was simply to provide timely storyboards.  Here they are:


And here’s the final video:

That’s it!  See you next time.

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One of my commercials airing now… NASDAQ OMX CENTURY

So, I’m sitting at home watching Mad Men, one of my favorite shows, and during the commercial break I see one of the commercials I worked on recently!  For those of you who don’t work in commercial production, it’s really a treat to see a commercial that you worked on, aired randomly, when you are watching TV.  To see it while you are watching one of your favorite shows is a double treat.  So when I saw my NASDAQ commercial air during Mad Men, I was over the moon.  I worked on these boards in February 2012, and saw them air in May, I think.  They still run sporadically, and you may have even seen them if you watch AMC at all (I haven’t seen them on other channels yet).  That’s the thing, had I not been following Mad Men on AMC (as opposed to Netflix) I wouldn’t have ever seen my commercials air!  That’s why I pay for cable, basically 🙂  To see my work in it’s natural finished state.

So these NASDAQ commercials were a little challenging but fun to work on.  The challenge was, we were advertising a company whose business involves listing other companies in their stock exchange.  Each of the two NASDAQ commercials featured 3 well known brands, so that’s like 3 mini commercials in one overarching commercial, times two.  Each brand needed equal screen time and presence, but needed to be subordinate to the main brand, NASDAQ.  Between two commercials, that’s 7 total brands, hard enough, but then you must realize that we need to also communicate with these 7 “clients” to make sure their needs are met.  So it was very challenging to keep a balance with it all.  As a result, the concept details were refined many times, and so the boards do look a little rushed, despite putting about three days of work into it.  What you see are about 12 frames per spot; however I drew upwards of 60 frames for the project.  So there was a lot of editing and refining. But I’m very impressed with the final outcome.

The first spot features Smart Technologies, Zipcar, and Hasbro.  These companies all list on NASDAQ, hence their presence in the commercial.  The story follows a day in the life of a young businesswoman/mother who relies on these companies to keep her life running smoothly.  The link under the boards goes to the final commercial.

[slideshow id=17]

Click here to see the finished commercial!


This second spot features Tesla, LPL, and Zynga.  Same deal as before, only this time with a businessman, fairly typical day, running smoothly, thanks to the before mentioned brands.  Click the link below the boards to see the final commercial and compare.

[slideshow id=18]

Click here to see the finished commercial!