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Sophos – Cyber Security

Boy, those viruses, huh? They’re everywhere, trying to wreck our lives. Luckily Sophos is there to scan and sweep them away. From our computers, at least.

Creepy virus stalking the digital shadows

This was a fun, quick job that needed a very specific tone in order to convey the sense of dystopian angst- the directors sent references that were very film noir, very old school sci-fi, and it was pretty inspiring. What resulted was I think a very effective hybrid of modern tech and monolithic awe.

This was also a great fit for a new set of brushes I’d developed recently, it’s a more square and hard-edged feel, as opposed to my more fantastic and cozy style. It fit really well and made things a little easier on my execution. This was a 3-day job. Take a look!

What are we looking at? We zoom in from overhead and find ourselves in a massive stark technological landscape. Things are orderly and calm- until a creepy little bug/virus finds a weak spot and weasels in. He quickly grows and seeks to evade the AI sensors, but is soon detected. The AI deploys countermeasures to destroy the virus. But immediately, from the dead husk of the virus, a new bug evolves and emerges, rapidly multiplying even faster than before. A new swarm of bugs converges on the AI and the battle is joined in an explosive burst of light… the eternal struggle between good and evil continues.

I had a lot of fun with this. Thanks for checking it out! -Max

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BATES MOTEL | Promo Pitch Boards

So here’s a riddle:  When are you HAPPY that your favorite binge-able show finally is finally axed?  WHEN IT MEANS YOU CAN FINALLY POST your storyboards for the promos!!!  I’ve been dying to show these off for a while now.  Of course, these were just pitches for promos, and as far as I can tell, none of the concepts I drew were produced, which totally slays me.

I thought these were some really killer concepts, but maybe the client thought we butchered the execution.  Ok, enough pun-ishment.  Wouldn’t want you to get “board.”  Lol!

First board set: Bates’ “Room”; The room seems to close in and crack under in intense psychological pressure:

And second board set: Bates’ “Stairs”; We follow our hero up a set of stairs and meet our horrific fate:

That’s some creepy stuff!  I hope you enjoyed watching these.  BTW, I did all these boards and MORE in a single 8-hour day.  What can I say?  I really do BLEED for this job!  Bwhahahahah!!  See you next time….

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A Million Ways to Die in the West / Lizard Lick Towing

Here’s a quick fun one- my clients needed shoot boards for a promo synergistically tying in the Tru TV series “Iguana Lick Towing” with Universal Pictures release “A Million Ways to Die in the West.”  It’s like two commercials in one- hey, at least it’s efficient!

Ancestors_Repo_FRAMES_0005_Layer 6

Nothing particularly remarkable about this job, other than the timeline- I had to cram in 22 frames in 6 hours, which is pretty tight!  But they look pretty decent- the trick is to keep it simple and listen carefully to what they need!  I was lucky in this case to have a shot list.  That reminds me: Hey people, shot lists save time and money, and you get the shots you are looking for.  Most directors skip this extremely important step, and there ends up being a lot of unnecessary back and forth revising.  So, young directors out there, think about the shots you want, write them down, and you’ll get things done sooner and cheaper.

The plot of the story is pretty simple- we flash back with out Towing heroes to the old west, when their ancestors were repossessing horses.  Its a violent place, and they risk peril to accomplish their goal- much like the characters in A Million Ways to Die in the West- coming soon to theaters.

I’m happy that the boards on this project very closely matched the frames I drew- means I did a good job!  The final video is below.

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K-Pow!! Zing!! Baff!

More comics!  So, this month (December) my artwork will be included in Heroes of the North: CODA – Omnibus #3!  It’s a collection of stories, with a bunch of artists contributing, and I’ve done a little two-pager for it.  I’m excited to finally be in real print.  I poured my skill into the work and I’m stoked that I’ll have a chance to show it off.  Here’s a peek at the cover (not my artwork):

[singlepic id=454 w=320 h=240 float=]


A little background, Heroes of the North is a Canadian superhero comic book title/film series being produced by Christian Viel of Movie Seals.  I like the characters in this series mostly due to the badass modern looking costumes they wear.  Its a fresh look for superheroes and reminds me a bit of the costume redesigns they used in the Watchmen movie.

Christian is an old storyboarding client of mine (from the days of Recon 2022) and a very good customer of my Dad’s special effects.  He saw the work I did on Three Minute Max and thought it would be cool if I drew couple pages for the upcoming Omnibus.  So I cranked ’em out, and we’ll see how they look in print!

This particular two pager features the heroine Fleur-de-Lys kicking the asses of two hapless criminals who were robbing a comic book store.  Well, I know my artwork was good!  Here’s a taste:

[singlepic id=452 w=320 h=240 float=]


[singlepic id=453 w=500 h=240 float=]


I used a new coloring technique on this project, building on what I used for Three Minute Max.  It’s a little quicker, and frankly, I like how it looks better too. So, go me for experimenting.  I’ve been reading a lot of books on color theory lately and attending lectures when I can find time – I have a long way to go with color, but I’m definitely improving.  Now I can take this new knowledge and apply to my own comic and storyboard projects too.

So, if you’re interested, maybe order a copy or something!  Shipping in December 2012.