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Ingenuity – Quick Simple Color

This is a quick job that needed 3 spots boarded, with COLOR, in half a day!  Of course, I’m used to needing to draw quickly, but color usually really slows things down.  Of course, being a great storyboard artist is all about adapting and turning weaknesses into strengths, and of course, being the total zen master, it’s all just flow anyway.

That’s mostly BS but there is some truth to the notion that when you are challenged with something that seems impossible, you start to think outside the box.  I knew that my normal approach wouldn’t work, so, what kind of approach could?  Since the nature of the spot didn’t require perfect color, that meant I could take a risk and try something new- and while I don’t really disclose techniques in this blog, i believe the frames speak for themselves when I say, this different approach turned out great.  In this job, you really have to be able to use every trick in book, and then some.

If you look at the frames, I’ve managed to color them without coloring the whole image- leaving lots of white space in reserve as “highlights” and then as just negative space, worked out really well in this context.  Saved a ton of time this way, and still looks good!  Of course, the humorous, non-serious nature of the spots was compatible with this approach- but I wouldn’t be able to use this technique on just any project.

You might also notice- I recycled some of the poses!  I had to, to save time.  When your job is only 4 hours long, every minute counts.  Oh, you didn’t notice?  Neither did the client.  Not that it’s unreasonable to recycle art when the client puts an unreasonable deadline in front of you.  You get what you pay for!  But in general, I nearly never recycle drawings 🙂

To provide some context for the boards, the spots involve a “mystery” to be solved, when a friend comes over, and helps her forgetful buddy remember what chore/product she was using moments before.  Simple and Silly.  Here’s the boards.

Done and done.  See you next time!

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BATES MOTEL | Promo Pitch Boards

So here’s a riddle:  When are you HAPPY that your favorite binge-able show finally is finally axed?  WHEN IT MEANS YOU CAN FINALLY POST your storyboards for the promos!!!  I’ve been dying to show these off for a while now.  Of course, these were just pitches for promos, and as far as I can tell, none of the concepts I drew were produced, which totally slays me.

I thought these were some really killer concepts, but maybe the client thought we butchered the execution.  Ok, enough pun-ishment.  Wouldn’t want you to get “board.”  Lol!

First board set: Bates’ “Room”; The room seems to close in and crack under in intense psychological pressure:

And second board set: Bates’ “Stairs”; We follow our hero up a set of stairs and meet our horrific fate:

That’s some creepy stuff!  I hope you enjoyed watching these.  BTW, I did all these boards and MORE in a single 8-hour day.  What can I say?  I really do BLEED for this job!  Bwhahahahah!!  See you next time….

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Clorox to the Rescue

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of doing a BUNCH of shoot boards for my clients at 29 Black on their Clorox spots, among other things.  Four spots in total, and they are pretty simple, so not much explanation needed, but they all go along with the theme of “Your house gets messy and Clorox is there to help.”  We set the scenario- a typical family scene breaks down into messy chaos, and then our hero Parent swoops in with hero Clorox Product to solve the situation- with some charming color commentary and a nice product shot to finish it off.

In our first spot, “Big Meal, Big Mess,” we see our Hero Mom and Son realize the folly of a home cooked meal… the horrible kitchen mess!  But never fear, a few swipes of Clorox Scrub Singles and the counters are as good as new.  My boards first, then below those, the final spot.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.57.30 PM copy



Here’s our next spot, “Hair,” starring our typical hopeless Mr. Mom type fellow- poor thing, just can’t keep up with the household dusting, and all the animals running about shedding layers of hair.  Well, Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes are just the thing to mop up all that disgusting hair.  One less thing for the missus to complain about.

Here’s the boards, then the final spot.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.10.26 PM



And here’s another spot, “Cooking and Cleaning.”  Momma loves baby- even covered in baby slime.  Doesn’t mean she has to tolerate it on her kitchen surfaces, though.  Couple pumps of the Clorox Pump n Clean to the rescue.  Even baby likes it!  Boards first, then final spot below.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.15.47 PM



Here’s our last spot- “A Family of Five.”  Tough to clean those toilets with so many people trying to poop at the same time- that’s why Mom sneaks in while the brood grooms their hair.  Very clever of her.  I remember this spot being a little tricky to block out because of the narrow shooting space and the mirror- obviously you can’t shoot into the mirror unless you are willing to fix that in post (you’ll see the cameraman otherwise).  So you invariably have to bias the angle off to the side a bit, and I also staggered the kids a bit on the side angle, so they wouldn’t screen each other.  Of course, I could only guess what things might look like on the day of the shoot- I remember the original casting called for an older sister, but they look almost the same age in the final spot.  Looking at it now, I think they made a good decision to put the girl closest the to mirror, on the left; it looks good the way they shot it.  In both cases, I remember that, although definitely a subtle detail, we knew that it was best to put the boy closest to the toilet.  Why that should be a rule, I suppose, is debatable, but it was just one of those things… some things are just accepted as natural and thus we reenact them faithfully in advertising.  Boys don’t mind icky things, I guess.  Boards, then final spot below.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.20.57 PM

Thanks for stopping by!  More boards next week.

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Alamo: Meet the Getaways

Just a quick post today.  Here’s a campaign I worked on at Brand New School a few months back and has been recently been airing:  Alamo: Meet the Getaways.  You might have seen them!

And check out the other three spots here:

And here’s the storyboards!

[slideshow id=31]

So while the boards themselves were not challenging (very simple designs and setups) the very short time frame of the spots was very difficult to manage.  :15 is basically nothing and in reality you have to cut that in half to :07 because the client almost always wants a graphic lockup to dominate the screentime- as was the case in these spots, which always feature a preview of the revised Alamo deal-getting interface.  So its an incredible time constraint in which to be entertaining, and we had to focus on simplicity and speed.  If you’ve seen these spots before, I encourage you to re-watch them and maybe check out all that’s going on the backgrounds, we did our best to enrich them with as much visual interest as we could, without being too distracting.

I found this earlier commercial online- not to be cruel, but I think mine looks a lot better.