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I post professional samples and personal works on a regular basis, and I invite you to follow/friend me on all of the following platforms!

*NEW* Twitch Streaming

I started doing LIVE art streams on Twitch in November 2023 and it’s been a great way to broaden my lecturing and demo skills for younger audience. I really love it and encourage you to check it out! Give me a follow if you are interested in a behind-the-scenes storyboarding experience, there’s a lot of fun banter, industry talk, and art tips and tricks along the way!

Here’s a LINK to my Twitch Channel: @maxfwd

*NEW* Youtube Videos

In case Twitch isn’t your thing (or gets shut down for whatever reason) I’ve also archived my streams onto Youtube which is probably more broadly accessible to the average viewer.

Here’s a LINK to my Youtube Channel: @maxfwd

*NEW* Cara

Cara is the newest most freshest and innocent of platforms promising a sanctuary from AI interlopers. Can it last? We’ll see, but I’m not deleting my Instagram yet. If Cara is your thing, please find me there! I have a couple of accounts there:

Drawn2Nudes is my figure drawing profile- I keep it separate because philistines and prudes and childlike minds can’t handle the concept of the human body unsullied by drapery, and anyway it’s audience is more accepting in general of controversy.