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  • Aldi “Christmas Carrot” Storyboards

    Aldi “Christmas Carrot” Storyboards

    In Los Angeles, Christmas starts in September.  If you work in commercial production, that is!  Indeed it takes a couple of months for projects to get greenlit and produced in time for airing during the holiday season.  So it was that last year I was working on a fun Christmas project for my clients at […]

  • Labatt Blue “Epic” Storyboards

    Labatt Blue “Epic” Storyboards

    I had a good run a couple of years ago getting hired to draw storyboards for an ad campaign for Labatt Blue, a Canadian Beer brand.  They have a Bear character (just an actor in a bear suit) who is their Party Champion – a “Duff Man,” if you will- who shows up at opportune […]

  • More NOS Storyboards…

    More NOS Storyboards…

    Man, I need to do some pushups or something, get back into fighting shape.  You may not believe this, but I coulda been a contender… What’s that?  You don’t believe it?  Well, moving on… Closest I’ll ever get to the ring, is drawing these MMA athletes for NOS energy drink commercials.  It’s just a few […]

  • Taco Bell commercial pitch- Rubik’s Cube

    Taco Bell commercial pitch- Rubik’s Cube

    Here’s some storyboards I did for a pitch for a recent Taco Bell spot. The premise is, you can use an app to order whatever kind of taco bell food item you want, encouraging you to try new items and new combinations.  It’s like having a Taco Bell Rubik’s cube! And here’s the final commercial. […]

  • Knob Creek Storyboards

    Knob Creek Storyboards

    Love me some bourbon.  And it’s always fun to mix business and pleasure.  For this spot, much product was tested in the name of “research.”  I’m passionate about quality boards and spirits. Brand New School produced this spot, and their talented designers had pretty much already won the day with some very impressive style frames.  My job […]

  • Ultimate Fighter- NOS Pitch Boards

    Ultimate Fighter- NOS Pitch Boards

    Just a quick one this week. Got a lot of stuff going on. So here we have some boards I did last year for a Ultimate Fighter/NOS tie-in.  Everyone knows that the secret to success is to drink as many energy drinks as possible, and UFC fighters are no exception.  And for that extra edge […]