Ultimate Fighter- NOS Pitch Boards

Just a quick one this week. Got a lot of stuff going on.


So here we have some boards I did last year for a Ultimate Fighter/NOS tie-in.  Everyone knows that the secret to success is to drink as many energy drinks as possible, and UFC fighters are no exception.  And for that extra edge on the competition, there’s no substitute for NOS.  It’s just plain science.

As by means of proving this statement, the client had me draw a some captured moments from existing UFC fights and juxtapose them with training gear and cans of NOS being downed dramatically.  Case closed.

I’m a fan of UFC and mixed martial arts in general, and I love drawing muscles straining and action poses and anatomy, so this was a fun project to work on.  These frames are heavily referenced from provided photos, but not traced.  They are a little sketchy due to the tight deadline but I think it helped preserve a sense of action in the frames.

Hope you liked them.  Oh, and apparently the pitch went well, since they made the commercial shortly thereafter:




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