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BENGAY Storyboards


Here’s some storyboards I did a few years back- 2011 or thereabouts.  Very humorous story- we see a young woman suffering from a sports injury apply a little BENGAY to the site of the pain- and we zoom in and provide a visual explanation of how the product works to cool and numb the affliction:  millions of tiny snowmen bombard the sore muscles and knead them to relaxation, as a yeti ice-skates majestically and judges the ice-sculpting competition being held at an arctic research facility.  That’s cold!

You’ll notice there’s a spot of color in these boards- that’s not something I’m usually asked to do, but sometimes it helps the boards read a bit better with these far-out concepts.  Obviously, I didn’t have much time at all to color them, but did my best in the brief window they provided.

This was a cool project because of all the various artists that got involved to contribute ideas for character and set designs- I was involved very early in the process, and you can tell from the final product that a lot of work went into developing the animation and design work.  See the final video below!

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 11.41.14 PM

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PacSun – “Dress Irresponsibly”

"Lets jump in the pool!"

Here’s a great commercial that I storyboarded a few months ago- I figured it’s no big deal to post it since it’s already come and gone on the air.  Worked at home and just uploaded the boards directly to the client.  I was fortunate to have a director that really had a cohesive shot list and vision for the project.  That always helps.  I had to bust these out pretty quick so there’s no real shading or finesse at these- in fact I didn’t even rough these out, I just drew them straight out and turned them in, and after a few tweaks they were good to go.  Good thing too, because I was triple-booked and didn’t have a lot of time for back and forth.  Things go really smoothly like that when you take the time to really get in the director’s head and can “see” the project clearly.  Then the drawings draw themselves.  Here’s the slideshow “animatic:”

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And, lets see if this works, this is youtube upload video of the final commercial.  I love it when the commercial looks just like the boards!