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AT&T “Market Mishap” Storyboards!

A while back, I got called in to my good clients at DirecTV (now AT&T) to work on a spot for their Adworks campaign- a commercial about commercials! How funny!  But really, it makes sense to make sure your advertising dollars aren’t going to waste, right?  That’s why you hire ‘Ol Maxy, right? and then you use Adworks to make sure the Ads go in front of your target audience!  Otherwise, well… see below!

Our Hero “Ad Man” runs from setting to setting, doing his best to sell product to the most unmatched of buyers- with very predictable results.  But the laughs are an easy sell! Lol!

Here’s the boards!  I hope you enjoy them, this is some of my finest work!

Here’s the final spot!!

Yup, no matter how hard you try, Gladys at the nursing home isn’t going to buy your reduced price Lamborghini.  You just have to face facts!

This project was a little more extensive than most and we had time to board out some “B-Roll” if you will, with options for other shots to help sell up the humor a bit.  It was all optional and really, at the end of the day, humor depends on the performance of the actors and more, so you do a lot of alternative takes to see what works best.  But I did my part and boarded it out my best, to give it a fair shot at success.  So, next up you’ll see some boards that are disjointed in continuity but will hopefully spur a neuron or two and make you chuckle.  Enjoy!


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Pine Sol Storyboards – “Powerful Clean, Lemony Fresh”



Here’s a fun spot I worked on earlier this year for my great clients at Mirada.  It’s a charming commercial for lemon-scent Pine Sol, and to provide a brief backstory: the agency had “tested” a wacky concept of small soldiers and ballerinas chanting “powerful clean” and “lemony fresh” as they jumped into a Pine Sol bottle.  And it tested well.  Like, CRAZY well.  So we were asked to put together a pitch on how we might take that concept and flush it out into a fun character animation spot.

The concept is super simple so all the nuance and storytelling is in the directing and camera angles, and really making sure the characters are on target and doing their thing, and so the success here would come down to the execution of the concept.  Aside from the storyboards, there were character designers and concept artists working as well, but we were working concurrently so I didn’t have any direct reference for what anything should look like, so I had to charge forward as best I could.

We actually did have an “angle” if you will- the director was very interested in attempting to channel some of the very popular Taylor Swift video for “Bad Blood,” as in, to make sure we charged the lemony fresh ballerinas with a kind of kick-ass spin.  Something different!  I thought it was a great twist, and you can see in the frames, especially in this one:


Hardcore Freshness Ballerinas and Scrub Soldiers (complete with assault mops), in Pine Sol style, and miniaturized, in a typical household kitchen.  I could picture that pretty easy.  Here’s the boards:


The client apparently loved the boards, because they were not only awarded the job, but they ended up not needing me to revise any of the frames- which is a pretty awesome deal!  Here’s the finished spot:

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 9.18.46 AM 1

Not bad!  Looks like they did away with the “Bad Blood” references- we are back to cutesy ballerinas, but I think that might be a good move, given the overall timing.  Spot looks great.  And I’m glad they kept in the “lemon” parachutes- that was my idea!

See you next time.

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Clorox to the Rescue

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of doing a BUNCH of shoot boards for my clients at 29 Black on their Clorox spots, among other things.  Four spots in total, and they are pretty simple, so not much explanation needed, but they all go along with the theme of “Your house gets messy and Clorox is there to help.”  We set the scenario- a typical family scene breaks down into messy chaos, and then our hero Parent swoops in with hero Clorox Product to solve the situation- with some charming color commentary and a nice product shot to finish it off.

In our first spot, “Big Meal, Big Mess,” we see our Hero Mom and Son realize the folly of a home cooked meal… the horrible kitchen mess!  But never fear, a few swipes of Clorox Scrub Singles and the counters are as good as new.  My boards first, then below those, the final spot.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.57.30 PM copy



Here’s our next spot, “Hair,” starring our typical hopeless Mr. Mom type fellow- poor thing, just can’t keep up with the household dusting, and all the animals running about shedding layers of hair.  Well, Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes are just the thing to mop up all that disgusting hair.  One less thing for the missus to complain about.

Here’s the boards, then the final spot.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.10.26 PM



And here’s another spot, “Cooking and Cleaning.”  Momma loves baby- even covered in baby slime.  Doesn’t mean she has to tolerate it on her kitchen surfaces, though.  Couple pumps of the Clorox Pump n Clean to the rescue.  Even baby likes it!  Boards first, then final spot below.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.15.47 PM



Here’s our last spot- “A Family of Five.”  Tough to clean those toilets with so many people trying to poop at the same time- that’s why Mom sneaks in while the brood grooms their hair.  Very clever of her.  I remember this spot being a little tricky to block out because of the narrow shooting space and the mirror- obviously you can’t shoot into the mirror unless you are willing to fix that in post (you’ll see the cameraman otherwise).  So you invariably have to bias the angle off to the side a bit, and I also staggered the kids a bit on the side angle, so they wouldn’t screen each other.  Of course, I could only guess what things might look like on the day of the shoot- I remember the original casting called for an older sister, but they look almost the same age in the final spot.  Looking at it now, I think they made a good decision to put the girl closest the to mirror, on the left; it looks good the way they shot it.  In both cases, I remember that, although definitely a subtle detail, we knew that it was best to put the boy closest to the toilet.  Why that should be a rule, I suppose, is debatable, but it was just one of those things… some things are just accepted as natural and thus we reenact them faithfully in advertising.  Boys don’t mind icky things, I guess.  Boards, then final spot below.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.20.57 PM

Thanks for stopping by!  More boards next week.