Knob Creek Storyboards

Love me some bourbon.  And it’s always fun to mix business and pleasure.  For this spot, much product was tested in the name of “research.”  I’m passionate about quality boards and spirits.

Brand New School produced this spot, and their talented designers had pretty much already won the day with some very impressive style frames.  My job was to build out frames for the animatic so they could plan out the timing and the camera moves.  The concise VO (voice-over) meant the visuals had to be clear and compelling, and an aggressive tempo to fit the style of the brand.

In this spot, we introduce Booker Noe, the founder of Knob Creek, and impart upon the viewer a famous “bookerism,” while a kind of animated infographic ties into the VO and  harkens to the southen prohibition-era styling of the brand.

Here’s the boards.

And here’s the final spot.

The spot obviously received a perfect style treatment, which I can’t really take credit for.  All the key frames were produced by great designers before I got involved.  My contribution was to replicate the keyframes faithfully for the animatic and provide ideas for transitions, which seem to have turned out great.  It’s always a group effort.



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