Taco Bell commercial pitch- Rubik’s Cube

Here’s some storyboards I did for a pitch for a recent Taco Bell spot.

tb1h_frames_0000_Layer 1

The premise is, you can use an app to order whatever kind of taco bell food item you want, encouraging you to try new items and new combinations.  It’s like having a Taco Bell Rubik’s cube!

And here’s the final commercial.


The interesting this is, we didn’t get the job- another production company (who is also a client, but not on this job) was awarded the work.  Nevertheless, you can see how close my boards are to the final work- just a natural side effect of the clear, concise nature of the project, with the “winning” idea being somewhat obvious.   I wonder what their storyboards looked like?   Can’t win ’em all, I guess.



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