Sparkling Ice


So if you’re in LA, you’ve probably noticed these Sparkling Ice billboards going up everywhere- I know I see three of them when I commute to the west side.

You might have also seen their TV spot as well!  Well, I storyboarded it.  First, take a look at the video, and then I’ll discuss.

Its just a fun, bubbly animation set to music, with creative transitions take us from one refreshing flavor to the next.  Conceptually, very simple.  But execution is key.  For spots like this, you have to really elaborate the storyboards, because “key frames” won’t cut it.  Luckily, I very much appreciate the challenge of animation and, also luckily, I had a wealth of previously developed concept art and style frames that I could look to for inspiration.  Check it out!

[slideshow id=37]

All those little bubbles just flow from the custom made “bubble” brushes I designed, to save time.  In storyboarding, you pretty much have to rely on every shortcut you have available.  And the lovely color is really just a photo filter I added after the fact.  With those technical hurdles cleared, it was easy to experiment with various compositions and choreography- it’s a dancing bubble after all.  I’m a fan of the original Fantasia and this project had a lot of parallels – and so I just had fun with it.  I watched a bit of the Pink Elephants sequence from Dumbo for inspiration as well.  AMAZING movie, btw.

You might have noticed that the final version of the spot differs a little bit from my boards.  Hey, it happens.  But I don’t mind. That’s an important bit of feedback that often gets overlooked.  I’ll talk a little bit about that in a future post.






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