Alamo: Meet the Getaways

Just a quick post today.  Here’s a campaign I worked on at Brand New School a few months back and has been recently been airing:  Alamo: Meet the Getaways.  You might have seen them!

And check out the other three spots here:

And here’s the storyboards!

[slideshow id=31]

So while the boards themselves were not challenging (very simple designs and setups) the very short time frame of the spots was very difficult to manage.  :15 is basically nothing and in reality you have to cut that in half to :07 because the client almost always wants a graphic lockup to dominate the screentime- as was the case in these spots, which always feature a preview of the revised Alamo deal-getting interface.  So its an incredible time constraint in which to be entertaining, and we had to focus on simplicity and speed.  If you’ve seen these spots before, I encourage you to re-watch them and maybe check out all that’s going on the backgrounds, we did our best to enrich them with as much visual interest as we could, without being too distracting.

I found this earlier commercial online- not to be cruel, but I think mine looks a lot better.



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