K-Pow!! Zing!! Baff!

More comics!  So, this month (December) my artwork will be included in Heroes of the North: CODA – Omnibus #3!  It’s a collection of stories, with a bunch of artists contributing, and I’ve done a little two-pager for it.  I’m excited to finally be in real print.  I poured my skill into the work and I’m stoked that I’ll have a chance to show it off.  Here’s a peek at the cover (not my artwork):

[singlepic id=454 w=320 h=240 float=]


A little background, Heroes of the North is a Canadian superhero comic book title/film series being produced by Christian Viel of Movie Seals.  I like the characters in this series mostly due to the badass modern looking costumes they wear.  Its a fresh look for superheroes and reminds me a bit of the costume redesigns they used in the Watchmen movie.

Christian is an old storyboarding client of mine (from the days of Recon 2022) and a very good customer of my Dad’s special effects.  He saw the work I did on Three Minute Max and thought it would be cool if I drew couple pages for the upcoming Omnibus.  So I cranked ’em out, and we’ll see how they look in print!

This particular two pager features the heroine Fleur-de-Lys kicking the asses of two hapless criminals who were robbing a comic book store.  Well, I know my artwork was good!  Here’s a taste:

[singlepic id=452 w=320 h=240 float=]


[singlepic id=453 w=500 h=240 float=]


I used a new coloring technique on this project, building on what I used for Three Minute Max.  It’s a little quicker, and frankly, I like how it looks better too. So, go me for experimenting.  I’ve been reading a lot of books on color theory lately and attending lectures when I can find time – I have a long way to go with color, but I’m definitely improving.  Now I can take this new knowledge and apply to my own comic and storyboard projects too.

So, if you’re interested, maybe order a copy or something!  Shipping in December 2012.





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