BENGAY Storyboards


Here’s some storyboards I did a few years back- 2011 or thereabouts.  Very humorous story- we see a young woman suffering from a sports injury apply a little BENGAY to the site of the pain- and we zoom in and provide a visual explanation of how the product works to cool and numb the affliction:  millions of tiny snowmen bombard the sore muscles and knead them to relaxation, as a yeti ice-skates majestically and judges the ice-sculpting competition being held at an arctic research facility.  That’s cold!

You’ll notice there’s a spot of color in these boards- that’s not something I’m usually asked to do, but sometimes it helps the boards read a bit better with these far-out concepts.  Obviously, I didn’t have much time at all to color them, but did my best in the brief window they provided.

This was a cool project because of all the various artists that got involved to contribute ideas for character and set designs- I was involved very early in the process, and you can tell from the final product that a lot of work went into developing the animation and design work.  See the final video below!

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 11.41.14 PM



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