Visa “Nuts-ish”


It’s what happens when you get a new Visa card.  You go a little “nuts-ish”.  You’ve got all this newfound spending power, and your imagination goes kinda nuts, to the point that your living room is transformed into a playden of impulse purchases.  You’re camping in the woods with your buddy, backpacking in the Himalayas on an alpaca, taking rock climbing classes from Hans, eating a million hamburgers, and canoeing the colorado river… poof!  Your wife shatters  your dreams, as usual- to make room for Hans the lifeguard.   The Visa spending meter (on the right side of the screen) allowed your wife to monitor your insane purchases and nix them before they got out of control.  Too bad… those scuba diving classes looked promising.  Here’s the full sequence:

So was is a day’s work.  The loose color was by request of the director- it helped play up the comedy and perhaps the drawings read better for it.  But in order to make time for that, I had to compromise the drawing detail.  Overall I think it works very well.

You’ll notice I used a few arrows in this spot.  Generally I use as few arrows as possible- they are often used as a crutch by artists who are unable to convey a sense of natural movement in their drawings.  In this case, the movements are wholly unnatural- as the canoe and waves slide in from the sides in a campy fashion.  So, they are warranted here.

Wish I had a link to the final video. Sadly, I suspect the project was killed shortly after these boards were completed.

Merry Xmas, and Happy New Year.



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