Reddi-Wip “Supermarket” Storyboards


Another quick one this week. I did these boards earlier this year.

This kind of spot is very familiar to everyone- the taste test.  Which do you prefer?  Reddi-wip, or the other whipped topping? As if there was any doubt.

reddi_1_0006_layer-7These were sketched out quickly, but I don’t think they suffer for it.  Often times a tight deadline plays right into the need for rapid execution and simple design/readability, which I’ve talked at length about before.  I love the way I drew the side of this girl’s face with a single stroke.  I’m not drawing portraits here; the focus is on the delight of consumption.  If you put too much individual detail into people’s faces, they become characters- when they should instead remain as stand-ins for the viewer; a kind of experiential conduit.

I did these boards in about 4 hours.  The most challenging part was drawing the distinct shape and dimensions of the Reddi-Wip can.  Which of course, ended up being the wrong specific can shape, as apparently they come in different sizes.  But often those changes occur on-set; another reason not to get too detailed in your storyboards, since so much can evolve and change after I draw them.

The link below is to the final video.  Enjoy!



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