Defiants 4×4

Having worked on both, I never cease to marvel at how car commercials are strikingly similar to toy car commercials.  They seem to need all the same kinds of shots, and both refer to each other, because many toy cars are sold on their “realism” and many cars are marketed to adults craving fun and excitement, and a return to childhood ambitions.  And of course, learning to draw toy cars helps with drawing real cars, and vice versa.

Defiants1_0004_Layer 5So I always have a lot of fun no matter what size the car.  And these Defiants 4×4’s pack a lot of car into a very small frame.  They’re tough.  They eat mud for breakfast and squish bugs for fun.  Only experienced stunt drivers, or 11-year-old boys can tame them.

The director on this spot, whom I’ve worked with regularly for 7 years now, gave me a mandate- use all my powers to make these cars larger-than-life.  That’s a challenge, considering the cars themselves are about an inch tall.  Here’s my boards.

And here is the final commercial!



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