AT&T Family Plan Storyboards

att1_0005_Layer 6

Here’s a quick one- a storyboard for a competitive pitch for an AT&T spot.  The idea is, everyone in the family has their own phone, and we see them coming together into a kind of “collage” that shows their connectedness- with a silly theme.  We didn’t get the job, but the boards are cool.  Enjoy!

I’ve done like 10 projects like this- I call them “iPhone commercials”.  Not because they are advertising the iPhone specifically, but because the iPhones invariably feature so prominently, it just registers to the viewer as another iPhone commercial.  This is actually an AT&T commercial, and the client suggested that iPhones would be used, and so that’s what I drew.  I eventually saw the final commercial (produced by another company) and noted that they used a variety of phone models.  Oh well.  And if you’re curious, here’s that final commercial– but I didn’t work on it.




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