Birchbox: Better Way

We live in a pretty fascinating time- one needn’t even leave their home to shop for the rarified necessities!  The selection available to us online is infinite, and it’s up to operators like Birchbox to curate the best of the best and bring it to our doorsteps.  Meanwhile, the “old guard,” if you will, are getting a little desperate to make a sale.  Best to simply run from them and slam the door on their backwards salespitches.

I did these boards for my great clients at Ammirati– they were kind of pitch boards, actually, and so there was just enough time to make them look very nice and present to their clients, and looks like they sold the idea!  See, some things you can’t sell on the internet.

Since they were pitch boards, there are only a few of them, but kind of fun to see how well they sell the story!  Enjoy.

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