Payless “Parkour” Storyboards

Seems like everyone’s always rushing around, late for something.  Hurry up!  Finish faster!  Boy, I hear a lot of that.  Just kidding, nobody’s faster than ol’ Maxi.  That’s why I was called to do this spot.

payless1d_0012_Layer 13

They needed shoot boards ASAY (As Soon As Yesterday) and … well… frankly, we did this project so quickly, I can’t remember much about it!  I know there was a pretty good script, thank goodness, and I roughed it out, and they only needed a few changes, and they didn’t need a finishing pass, as that was that.  I probably spent 6 hours at most on these, maybe less.  It’s a 1:30 second spot, 3 times longer than a usual :30.

They are super rough, but that’s all they needed, and actually, they ‘read’ pretty well!  It’s an action spot, so the narrative is told visually- 3 people, all late for work, all haulin’ ass along their improvised parkour-style routes!  Their SafeTStep shoes make it all possible… available from Payless.  Here’s the boards:


And here’s the finished spot!

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 2.51.01 AM

Good stuff!  See ya next week.



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