Corona “New Can” Storyboards

This is one of my favorite recent projects- a great concept, flawless execution, and I got to have a lot of creative input.

Corona_frames_1M_0012_Layer 13

The concept is really simple- a Corona can is situated in a dreamlike beach scene, and transforms into a palm tree, and from that palm tree sprouts another palm tree and between them appears a hammock, and upon the sand beyond it we see shadows of a man relaxing in that hammock, invisibly- and then the scene transforms into a transistor radio, and nearby shadows of people playing beach volleyball are visible, having fun together, and a ball is knocked into scene, and we follow that ball, and the ball transforms into a grill and chair and umbrella setup, and then that transforms into a sailboat cutting across the seas, and that transforms back into the Corona can, all in a single unbroken camera move.

Wait, that’s not simple.  That’s ridiculously complex and difficult!  But I love a challenge, and I have a pretty good mind for this kinda stuff- moving the camera around in 3d space and whatnot.  I also do a pretty good job of making animatic frames, and basically, this thing was right in my wheelhouse.  There were a lot of minor revisions, I’ll admit, but the boards were strong from the get-go and I’m thrilled with how it turned out.

I colored these boards quickly with the help of another artist Sean Streeter, who was freelancing at the studio on another project and finished early, so I roped him in to help on this one.  I’m grateful for his help on it, and he’s really talented artist, here’s his website:

On with the boards!

And here’s the final spot:

So proud of everyone who worked on this spot and made it look absolutely perfect!  See you next week!




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