Kindle “Voyage” Storyboards


Here’s a cool project- Amazon’s new paperwhite Kindle Reader, the Voyage, is so paper-realistic, you just can’t believe it’s not paper.  And thus, the commercial for this device is a kind of paper-craft 3d papery world with classic print text on the paper.  Paper.

I did a lot of storyboards/concept frames for this spot- it was kind of a tough job because the turnaround on these frames were very tight, and the client notes would come in late and be due before morning.  So that’s kinda stressful when you’ve been working all day on another project and you have another booking the next day.  That equals no sleep.  BUT you get to do the touchdown dance when the job gets awarded and eventually you see the kick-ass commercial online when you’re just searching youtube for funny Buzzfeed clips.


Stylistically, these boards needed to be spot on- everything’s paper origami, with text on it, with a low depth of field look to it, and so the design and composition of these frames is everything.  So loose sketches are not gonna work.  Luckily, I have worked on a few papercraft projects in the past, and I know a trick or two to brush on text to an image, so I was able to pull of some pretty involved concepts without taking too long.  And, there were a few other artists on the project as well (produced at MIRADA), who were able to clearly establish the look of this world before I came on board, so at least the foundation work was there for me to explore.  Here’s the boards (some of these shots didn’t make the final, but they look cool, so I’ve included them):

This spot looks GREAT to me and I’m really proud to be a part of it!  Final video below. Enjoy!




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