T-Mobile/iPad Air Storyboards


This commercial apparently aired during Superbowl 2014, but I must have missed it.  The concept was, initially, to show closeups of iPad users of all walks of life interacting with their iPad Airs and eventually packing them up into various conveyances and resolve on a single user leaving his home and walking out into the world- unburdened by contracts and free to use his iPad Air beyond his home with the exemplary internet connectivity that only T-Mobile could provide.

So, my mission was to draw as many frames depicting options for the director as possible- these were shoot boards, and I was called in the day before the shoot, and had about 5 minutes with the director to discuss the project needs before he got pulled away to do other things.  I didn’t even have a full day on this- but I still came up with about 32 options and a total of 36 frames.  That’s a lot of boards on any normal day.  But this kind of project is right up my alley- I enjoy drawing hands, as I feel I draw them very well, and the rest was pretty easy too.  And, I don’t need much supervision anyway.  AND they had craft services (free food and snacks- the GOOD kind) so it was a win-win.  Here’s the boards:

The final commercial didn’t have the quick-cutting shot style that I was initially led to understand it would incorporate, but it still works.  See the final video below.





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