Reeses Puffs Breakfast Cereal Storyboards

reeses3_0021_Layer 22

We see our young hero approach his ultramodern kitchen and select his breakfast of choice- Reeses, of course.  It’s the only cereal replete with musical talent.  Each little particle of puffed wheat is a symphony in the crunching.  That’s clear.  But what you may not realize is no force on earth can contain said symphony once it has been summoned- it MUST come forth and fill the void with sound waves of chocolately goodness. Only after it’s song has finished will it subside to it’s cardboard container, and rest until a new day dawns.

Here’s the boards:

Here’s the vid:

Originally I drew this hero kid as black- We all just assumed he would be, since the previous spot for Reeses Puffs Breakfast employed a young black kid as well.  But, I guess somebody switched it up in casting because they went with a cool asian kid instead.  I like that because small decisions like that mark a major shift in asian demographics- both targeting and buying habits.  Speaking very generally here, but things that happen in commercials have to be relatable to a vast audience because duh.  So when you see a cereal commercial starring an asian kid, it’s because somebody up the chain decided the world was ready for cool asian kids to star in a cereal commercial.  It means Asian kids in America have crossed into a new threshold of cool…. by buying sugary cereals in mass quantities.








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