Lady Gaga – G.U.Y. – An ARTPOP Film

So, this DEFINITELY will go down as one of my most memorable projects.  My first music video storyboard was a bit of a doozy- and quite a whirlwind – but a great experience, a huge challenge, and a lot of fun.  Unlike most of my posts where I go in depth and try to provide some insight and perspective- in this case I’m reserving my right to keep the memory of the experience personal and private.  Sorry, not sorry.

Without further ado, here’s the boards to G.U.Y – An ARTPOP Film.  Enjoy!

What a ride!  You might have guessed- I had to draw the boards very quickly, as they were literally moving into production the next day- at Hearst Castle, probably one of the most complicated and challenging, and expensive, technical shoots for a music video, like ever.  So, when they need boards, they need them like, yesterday.  I was honored to be given this kind of responsibility, and to meet and work with such incredible talent, albeit all too briefly.

You’ve probably seen the music video already, just like the many millions contributing to 81 Million Views on youtube as of January 2018.  But if you haven’t, check it out below.  And look for me in the credits! 🙂


Just in case you missed it:

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 11.19.20 AM







Hope you enjoyed it.



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2 responses to “Lady Gaga – G.U.Y. – An ARTPOP Film”

  1. Chris Avatar

    Looks like Hearst Castle, cool!

  2. maxforward Avatar

    Indeed, this was the first real filming at Hearst Castle since Kubrick did “Spartacus.” Regrettably, I did not get to tag along…

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