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Here’s some boards I did last year for one of my agency clients, presenting campaign ideas for Living Social, that cool company that sells discounted experiences to adventurous adults.  That’s the basic theme of these boards, to show people having fun doing things they wouldn’t normally do, like skeet shooting (for girls), painting nude models, riding segways, getting mani pedis (for guys), choir singing, and trapeze lessons!  And another idea of the campaign was to demonstrate that some of these experiences could make you feel like a kid again- so much so- that the commercial casts kids instead of adults!  So I got to draw kids having fun cooking, driving a racecar, and skydiving.

It was a fun little project.  I have a bit of a knack for finding the gag in a scene and drawing it well, so that you can look at the picture and say, “I get it, I like it, let’s do it” or “I get it, I like it, but lets do something else.”  These are essentially key frames, just 1 frame to tell the story of each vignette.  So everything has to be composed just right, and the characters’ acting needs to be spot-on.  These were fairly rushed, hence no shading or anything.  I think I did these in a day.  Here’s the boards.

I’m not sure if the campaign really went anywhere; concepts at the agency level have a tendency to mutate a bit, usually for good reason, by the time they make it to production.  So it’s possible that this campaign evolved into something that made it to TV that I didn’t recognize, or I just never saw the TV ad, or it never made it to production anyway.

But I liked these boards a lot, so I hope you enjoy them.



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