Storyboards for Reebok Cardio Ultra


Cardio_1a_0004_Layer 5

Face it.  You gotta work out, and you gotta look good doing it.  Reebok’s got you covered- as evidenced by this fun spot I did a while back.

It’s beautifully shot (and storyboarded) and since it’s visually driven, it’s my favorite type of commercial.  These aren’t shoot boards, so it doesn’t match the final spot exactly, but they door capture the concept very well.  It’s speaks for itself and looks great, so lets check it out!  Here’s the boards:


The challenge with this spot was there wasn’t a full day to spend on it, so I had to kind of keep things loose, but it was also important to get a close approximation of a cinematic feel- and I think it worked out great!  Here’s the final spot!

Fun, fit and fashionable.  See you next time!






2 responses to “Storyboards for Reebok Cardio Ultra”

  1. Rommel Fernandez Avatar
    Rommel Fernandez

    Hey Max, I’ve been admiring your work in silence for months now, you have made want to do this for a living. Any tips on getting started? Should I look for sample TV commercial scripts online so I can build a portfolio?

  2. maxforward Avatar

    Hi Rommel, thanks for this comment. Glad you find this blog helpful! This is a great question- let me think about it a bit and maybe I’ll make a post soon about this topic specifically. Stay tuned.

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