Intel Series pt 2: “Cliff”


intel_cliff1e__0008_Layer 9

Just a quick post today – I’ve got quite the backlog of great boards waiting to go up but I have been too busy to make posts!  So I’m just going to kind of rush through the rest of the “Intel” series- after all, I did them all in one day (practically) and no reason to draw them out for all eternity.  Looking back, I like the loose style I drew them in.  Necessary, for the tight turnaround.

The director for all these Intel spots is a longtime regular client, and is always very clear on specifying exactly the shot he needs to tell the story- so it’s no wonder the boards look great and so does the final spot.  A little preplanning goes a long way!   And even so, there’s always some sort of surprise on the day of the shoot, so it’s fun to see the differences from the boards and the final spot.

Here’s the boards:

And here’s the final spot!

Simple concept, strong execution.

There’s 4 more “Intel” spots to go.  I’ll try to get the rest up before next week.  Got a lot of great stuff to come after that!





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