Dude, Draw My Car

Here’s a fun commercial I did for my great clients at Bark Bark– A great opportunity for me to draw high energy classic car action!

Turtlewax_2d_0000_Layer 1

In this spot, we see two young men tooling around in a classic Camaro- living out their personal Fast and Furious fantasies- After lots of quick action cuts and inserts, it’s time to bring the ride back and give it a shine up.  They lovingly and expertly apply the Turtle Wax ICE- giving it that better-than-new shine- but just then they look up, and quickly put on their detail technician hats- the REAL owner of the car has arrived to pick it up from the detailers, and drives it away satisfied and unaware the extent the detailers have “appreciated” his business.  We toyed around with a “stinger” ending wherein, right as the detailers are certain they “got away with it,” the car owner stops and returns to them an item they accidentally left behind.  I liked that idea- more humorous- and develops the character of the owner a bit, since he plays it cool and doesn’t react negatively- but looks like it got cut out of the official version, and we thus we end on a fist bump, which I also drew an option for.

Here’s the boards:


I only had one day to draw this spot so I made sure to stay on target with my turnaround time using the great program Sketchup to download a free 3d model of the hero car and used that to reference the specific angles that were called for.  It’s a great shortcut when accuracy and time really matter (and they always do!).  You can’t always just rely on google images to provide the reference angle you need, so you gotta step it up and make your own sometimes!  Also, note the little details of how the car gets “dirtier” as the drive it around in the first half of the spot.

And here’s the final spot!


Looks pretty good!  See you next time!



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