I was trying to think of something interesting to post, and came across some boards I did for this Walking Dead Sweepstakes/Bing commercial.  This was kinda fun for me, since I never get to draw zombies; usually my assignments involve drawing healthy, happy people, nothing scary.  I’m a fan of the Walking Dead comic book, but haven’t had a chance to check out the show… Anyway, the commercial announced the sweepstakes for the “stagger-on” roll (you get to be a zombie on the show!).  The story is, an actress and actor are being filmed eating human remains- only the actor isn’t an actor, he’s really a ZOMBIE, and he’s hungry for brains, but the girl just thinks he’s a really good actor and takes a shining to him.  Now at break, she goes to her computer and does a Bing search, and then the Zombie does his own zombie-search.  Then we cut away to a bunch of footage from the show, and then come back for a stinger at the end, where, having returned to the set and resumed filming, the Zombie strikes!

15 Black and white frames, and I had about a day, so that’s plenty of time for black and white. And they were shooting boards, I believe, which means that they can be generally rougher (in theory).  So it was kind of leisurely, in one sense, but they needed a quick turnaround, so I didn’t have any time for real research.  Just jumped right in.  Quickly, my old anatomy lessons began to resurface and I had fun with it.  Drawing zombies is easy because if something looks like you drew it wrong, then you actually did it right 🙂  So the project went well.

I never saw the commercial air.  That sucks but you can’t watch every TV station at once.  But today, I went online to see whatever became of it, and yep, looks like they made it eventually!  And they did a great job of matching the boards/script.  I love it when I see the commercial air, and especially when the commercial closely resembles the boards I did.  Makes the hard work worth it!   So you might notice one obvious difference between the stories- at least i did: the computer was replaced with their smartphones!  You might say “duh, you should have drawn it that way in the first place!”  I did, in fact, mention to the producer, that they should be using their cellphones, and he did agree, but we couldn’t make the change for the storyboards, because the script had taken so long to get approved that nobody could be sure that making that change wouldn’t screw up the production.  So I had to draw it with the laptops.  But I’m glad they made that change.  Other than that, its pretty much spot on!

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