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Hotwheels “Immersion” Pitch



So, these are some great storyboards I did for a Hotwheels bid, the concept being that at first, we don’t know that this is representative of a toy car fantasy, rather it appears to be a real car in the most extreme adventure scenarios, and at the end it is revealed to be the work of children’s imagination.  The sheer volume of the boards, along with the quality, and the tight schedule (had to pull this off in under 5 days), speak to the immense effort and personal accomplishment and pride that I have for this work.  At this time I consider it to be quite the achievement, and it was well received by the clients who were very impressed.  Unfortunately, they were not awarded the job, which was disappointing, but at least I still have these awesome samples!  Toy company projects are extremely sensitive, so I had to wait a while for me to post these, but now that the final commercial has aired, I can show them off!  Please enjoy.

By maxforward

Storyboard Artist and Illustrator

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