“Bleach This” Storyboards

Clorox_frames2_0028_Layer 29

Just a quick one this week.  These boards were done over at BNS (they keep me pretty busy!) as part of a competitive pitch… and they were awarded the job!  Always nice to hear.  And since the boards were very tight and concise, no further revisions were needed, and the went straight into production.  BNS has great designers and they really shined in their design frames on this project.

The commercial is promoting Clorox’s new special bleach that works on articles of clothing that are mostly white but with colorful patterns.  It keeps the whites white and the colors vibrant.  Cool!

Clorox_frames2_0011_Layer 12

Our heroine enters frame in a very stylized home laundry room.  The stark white walls quickly become animated and patternized with bright colored dots, stripes, and shapes.  She uses the new Clorox Smart Seek Bleach and we follow the pattern logic to the inevitable conclusion- Clorox Smart Seek Bleach rules!

Generally, patterns are REALLY hard to draw because the massive amounts of time it takes to draw them accurately.  Luckily, the BNS designers had all that locked up before I got there and I permitted myself the great luxury of tracing them in order to make sure the boards were ready on time.

Here’s the boards:

And here’s the final spot.

See ya next week!




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