“One Day” CSU Online Plus

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Whatever your thoughts on the for-profit school system, their services need advertising like any other.  These commercials usually fall somewhere between the “Do YOU need an attorney?” commercials and the “But I cant AFFORD car insurance” commercials in the typical daytime TV commercial break.  “Get YOUR career cookin! at the Center for Culinary Arts!”  Yeah yeah, I watch a lot of daytime tv…

So, I’m generally Not A Fan of school commercials, but I worked on a few spots for Colorado State University Online Plus and I’m very happy with how they turned out.  Story goes, the producer for this spot wanted a storyboard artist who could emulate the style of those Brand New School commercials.  Well, BNS is one of my biggest clients and so that made me a natural fit.  They had a lot of VO in their script but didn’t have any visuals decided upon, just a general notion of what the clients would respond to and the key points that had to appear on screen.  That’s really enough for me to go on- I was amazed that they had a script locked at all; that never happens these days.  Anyway, I roughed out some ideas and they loved ’em.  Made ’em pretty and off she goes.  Here’s the boards.

A few months later, the commercial aired.


Looks great to me.



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