Years in the making… Lost Treasure Hunt

In the early stages of my career (my “faking it” phase), I advertised my services on Craigslist and got involved with all kinds of fun projects that never amounted to anything.

I’m proud now to say that Lost Treasure Hunt, a project from those Craigslist days, has developed to a point that it has top-grade professional talent behind it, and has recently launched a Kickstarter that has just reached it’s funding goals.  So proud.

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Lost Treasure Hunt is about two precocious teenagers who sleuth for lost treasures using their profound knowledge of secret history and nifty spy gadgets.  It’s designed to make learning history and science awesome by tying in all kinds of action and intrigue- and humor!

The creator of Lost Treasure Hunt, Matt Davis, is one of my fondest and earliest clients for storyboarding.  I won’t show any of my drawings on the project yet, but later this year I might:  The pilot episode of LTH should air in time for Columbus Day, and I’ll try and do a post to coincide.  I helped to storyboard the LTH sizzle-animatic in one of it’s earliest incarnations, around 2007, so I’ve got plenty to show.

To learn more about this awesome project, check out the Kickstarter page link below, and read all about it.  I really encourage you to contribute even a small amount- and as it has already reached it’s fundraising goal, I do believe you won’t be risking much, and you’ll have the self-satisfaction that accompanies knowing that you’ve helped improve impressionable young brains.

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