Nathan Fowke’s Online Charcoal Portrait Drawing Class

A couple of weeks ago I wrapped up Nathan Fowke’s Online Charcoal Portrait Drawing Class, taught (of course) by Nathan Fowkes (Fowkes, as in cow, as in moo) and offered through the good folks at Laafa.  You can learn more about Nathan elsewhere, but let me take a moment to say that Nathan is the best art teacher I’ve come across.  His teaching style is unlike anything I’ve experienced and his lectures are the best anywhere.  Most art instructors just “wing it” class to class.  Not Nathan.  He’s always prepared with slides to accompany his lectures, and provides thoroughly researched examples of whatever he’s looking to communicate.  He convinces you, proves it to you, and then demonstrates it before your eyes.  It’s not possible to discount his approach.  What’s his approach?  I’m not telling you.  Take his classes and find out.  Or rather, don’t.  I don’t want the competition! I’m very happy to present these as my student work.




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