Disney Princess Fash’ems Storyboards

Every little girl is destined to grow up to be a beautiful princess and play with their princess friends.  Better get ’em training early!  Best way I know how is to give ’em the latest princess toy craze: Disney Princess Fash’ems!

Fashems1a_0014_Layer 15

Fash’ems are unlike any other doll toy out there- as they have the amazing ability to FASH! As in, swap their fashion accessories.  Also, they “squish.”  Just like REAL PRINCESSES!!!

I’ve storyboarded doz’ems of these kinds of commercials.  There’s kind of a formula for any toy meant for children under 8.  It goes something like this:

  • Establishing Wide (3 kids, mixed ethnicity, usually around a table, parent sometimes in deep background)
  • Crash Zoom/Mid shot on kids playing with Toy
  • Product Lockup/Lineup and/or Graphic Title
  • Mid shot more playing
  • Closeup Toy – Special Action
  • Closeup kid’s face (reaction- LOVES toy)
  • Closeup ACCESSORY
  • Two-shot; Two kids trade ACCESSORIES
  • Closeup: Two Toys as kids play
  • Closeup – Kids faces REACT to awesome play
  • Midshot/wide – Kids having a blast with toys
  • End Product Island/Graphic Lockup

The specific arrangements are always some variation on the above.  Here’s the boards.

And here’s the final spot!

Gotta Fash’em all!



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