Hypro “Generations”

We’re all just simple farmers, right?  Well, even if you don’t swing a hoe, you might enjoy these simple storyboards.  Simple drawings to tell a simple story of a simple farming family- passing on the tools of the trade to the next generation of farmers.

generations1d_frames_0013_Layer 14

Here, we use a juxtaposition of shots of dilapidated tractors and sheds, setting us up for a bit of nostalgia- and then bring our audience into the 21 century with shots of a state of the art farm tractor with all the fancy modern tools and attachments.  Too bad we must leave the past behind- but some things never change- like the need of a son to listen to his hardworking father’s advice.  Given enough time, we always learn, in time, that Dad was right.  So, when he recommends you use Hypro products, you take it seriously.

I love these commercials.  No special FX to distract us, and it taps into our collective consciousness to create a simple, clear message- you use what works, and leave the rest.

Here’s the boards:

And here’s the final commercial.

Hope you like it!  See you next time.




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