My Brand New Storyboarding Blog…

Fascinating, to see how far website design has come in the last few years, since last setting up my previous website,  The power of today’s cutting edge blogging programs have completely supplanted my need to finagle and frankenstein together my own haphazard concoctions. Big thanks to DreamHost, for making it easy to register and host this site, and WordPress, for all these cool free tools and features, and biggest thanks of all goes to my wife, for showing me that she could build a better website in 5 minutes than I could in 5 years.

A little bit about myself:  I’m a full time storyboard artist, with a lot of random digital art projects on the side, and very little but some traditional painting and drawing.  I’m represented by the good people at Frameworks.  I live in Studio City, which is awesome, and have two cats and a wonderful wife whom I love and cherish.  I’m 31 (as of September 2014) and I’ve been storyboarding professionally for 10 years.

More information will be made available in a specific ‘Bio’ section that I’ll set aside to huff and puff about how great I am.  The main purpose of this blog is to, what else, self-promote!  So in the coming weeks, months, maybe even years, I’ll be posting samples of my storyboards that I hope you’ll enjoy, as well as other treats like storyboarding tips and techniques that I’m probably not qualified enough to lecture on.

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