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Here’s a sequence I boarded for a Valspar paint commercial, which we pitched, but alas, did not get.  What a shame, because I had a lot of good ideas and was able to clearly spell them out in my ‘animation’ here.  I dare say most other storyboard animatics don’t get quite to the level that I like to take them.


In this board we see a paintbrush dip into a can of Valspar paint and withdraw, and as it does a single drop of paint descends into frame where it is captured by our imaginations and does its painty droppy dance of love and light.  It’s rather simple and I just had fun with it.




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“Daddy, where does the internet come from?”

So, a while ago, I worked with a company that will remain nameless, to produce boards for a competitive pitch for a commercial for a cable company that shall remain nameless.  Why all the namelessness?  Well, in the end, we lost the pitch to a company that shall remain nameless.  So all the hard work we did went down the drain… except, they’ve permitted me to use the boards for samples, and I’m proud of the work I did, so here we go!


The story here is, a father is tucking his son in at night, and the son asks, as sons often do, “Daddy, where does the internet come from?” From there, we follow the father’s narrative:  The internet is made of tiny intelligent nanobot creatures that carry bits of data through a series of transport tubes and deposit them into our various electronic devices.


The father’s narrative was conceived as one long continuous following tracking shot that tags along with our hero nanobot along his helpful journey- we see him greet us, and carry his cargo through the vast halls and tunnels that run through his mighty universe of information depots (itunes, netflix) and interactive devices (tablets, smartphones).  We also see a brief glimpse of the “competition,” DSL, represented in this spot as an exhibit in the Museum of Obsolete Technology.  Catching up with our hero, he makes his way to the final destination- and deposits the infocube- and we are teleported back to the original bedroom setting, where the Dad bids his son good night, and turns off the light.


As you look through the boards (there are 48 frames in this sequence), I hope you will notice the real depth and richness of space that I’ve tried to create in this camera move.  Whether the client did, I’ll never know…

Thanks for watching.

BTW, for the next month or so, I’ve schedule weekly monday morning storyboard updates to help distract you from work.  My intent is to make the blog a little more regular in the weekly postings.  Lets see how it goes!

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So, I’ve had to hold this one back for a while, but now I’m able to talk a little bit about the artwork I’ve been doing for the past few years on this Hotwire campaign. I’m not going to go into too much detail- other than to say this a rare scenario where I worked directly with the advertising agency and the production company.  Usually it’s just one or the other.  It’s really amazing to watch over time as a concept germinates and survives and evolves and eventually is born into the world.  It was a blast working with the creative teams on these.  I did many, many, many more drawings than what I’m able to show, but I’ve got permission to show a few things, so here’s some of the work I did and a few of the final videos. reunion_3reunion_7haveitall_6tastytravels_3hotel1EUROMAP1_REV2dHouston2Miami2Seattle3haveitall1b And here’s some of the spots!  I’m proud to say I worked on ALL of these, and all the older ones as well.