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Not Just Commercials…. “Race at Target Field”







Many of my motion-graphics clients produce shorts and promotional materials as well as broadcast commercials.  A few months ago I storyboarded a sequence to pitch a kind of animated short that screens at Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins.  Part of a larger campaign featuring a handful of characters that typify the kind of wildlife Minnesota is known for:  The Ox, the Loon, the Mosquito, and the Fish… as well as Bullseye, the ‘mascot’ in this case, for Target.  This particular assignment was the latest continuation of that campaign and was a lot of fun to work on, as it really got me back to my classical animation roots.  These boards were part of a pitch, that, in this case, was so successful, that they basically produced it as-is.  This is a great example of how you can really use storyboards to hone in on a directors vision- please compare my boards to the finished product in the link below.

To give a little explanation… the purpose of this animation is to provide an “intro” to the live-action mascot race that happens before a baseball game at target field.  So this introduces the names of the characters, and their individual personalities, as they “race” to get to Target Field.  It’s slapstick humor and it’s supposed to get the fans excited before the game.  So, you go to the game, you see on the big Jumbotron this animated intro, and then the real life mascots pop onto the field and do their live action comedy race.  Check it out!

[slideshow id=16]

And here’s a link to the finished product:

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Hotwheels “Immersion” Pitch



So, these are some great storyboards I did for a Hotwheels bid, the concept being that at first, we don’t know that this is representative of a toy car fantasy, rather it appears to be a real car in the most extreme adventure scenarios, and at the end it is revealed to be the work of children’s imagination.  The sheer volume of the boards, along with the quality, and the tight schedule (had to pull this off in under 5 days), speak to the immense effort and personal accomplishment and pride that I have for this work.  At this time I consider it to be quite the achievement, and it was well received by the clients who were very impressed.  Unfortunately, they were not awarded the job, which was disappointing, but at least I still have these awesome samples!  Toy company projects are extremely sensitive, so I had to wait a while for me to post these, but now that the final commercial has aired, I can show them off!  Please enjoy.

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B&W Females Samples Storyboarding

British Red Cross – PSA

Here’s some storyboards for a PSA for the British Red Cross, about … not drinking?  Drinking but not to excess?  Don’t leave your friends when they’re blackout drunk?  Or when your friends are blackout drunk, turn them on their side before you abandon them so that they don’t choke on their own vomit…. that’s it, that’s the one.  Anyway, this time the director used a split screen technique to show the girl’s fate play out in alternate universes.  Girl on the right lives and the girl on the left is worm food.  Too bad for her.  Storyboards turned out pretty decent though!  The director put the boards into an animatic and that looked pretty good- and the slideshow below should come pretty close to that!

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My Brand New Storyboarding Blog…

Fascinating, to see how far website design has come in the last few years, since last setting up my previous website,  The power of today’s cutting edge blogging programs have completely supplanted my need to finagle and frankenstein together my own haphazard concoctions. Big thanks to DreamHost, for making it easy to register and host this site, and WordPress, for all these cool free tools and features, and biggest thanks of all goes to my wife, for showing me that she could build a better website in 5 minutes than I could in 5 years.

A little bit about myself:  I’m a full time storyboard artist, with a lot of random digital art projects on the side, and very little but some traditional painting and drawing.  I’m represented by the good people at Frameworks.  I live in Studio City, which is awesome, and have two cats and a wonderful wife whom I love and cherish.  I’m 31 (as of September 2014) and I’ve been storyboarding professionally for 10 years.

More information will be made available in a specific ‘Bio’ section that I’ll set aside to huff and puff about how great I am.  The main purpose of this blog is to, what else, self-promote!  So in the coming weeks, months, maybe even years, I’ll be posting samples of my storyboards that I hope you’ll enjoy, as well as other treats like storyboarding tips and techniques that I’m probably not qualified enough to lecture on.

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