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  • Not Just Commercials…. “Race at Target Field”

                Many of my motion-graphics clients produce shorts and promotional materials as well as broadcast commercials.  A few months ago I storyboarded a sequence to pitch a kind of animated short that screens at Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins.  Part of a larger campaign featuring a handful of…

  • Zombies!

    I was trying to think of something interesting to post, and came across some boards I did for this Walking Dead Sweepstakes/Bing commercial.  This was kinda fun for me, since I never get to draw zombies; usually my assignments involve drawing healthy, happy people, nothing scary.  I’m a fan of the Walking Dead comic book,…

  • Sonic’s first Street Art – Storyboards

    Sonic’s first Street Art – Storyboards

    So, yeah, was on Youtube last night and saw something familiar- a Chevy Sonic spot i worked on a couple months ago, come to life!  Here’s a link to the video: And here’s the storyboards I did for it! [slideshow id=14]  

  • “Monopoly” Lottery

    “Monopoly” Lottery

    Here’s a fun series of boards. Kinda wacky.  A “Monopoly”-obsessed man comes home and plays the lottery.  His whole life revolves around monopoly…  Some pretty funny visuals in here.  I think I did a pretty good job of drawing the oversize monopoly pieces. [slideshow id=8]