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Saw one of my commercials on TV… DSW “Where’d you get those shoes?”

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A couple of months ago I met with a new client and worked on their DSW commercial for a couple of days.  It was rainy then, as it is now… good day to write about it.   So anyway I worked on this shoe commercial and it was actually pretty hard!  I did like 60 frames in 2 days…  almost 40 on that first day!  So consequently, they are a little rushed (no shading or finesse) They needed a wide shot and a closeup shot of shoes for every scene and they had 3 spots to shoot.  I did all three spots but only posted one of them here, they are basically the same commercial.  I was happy to see these commercials when they aired a few days ago.

B&W Females Samples Storyboarding

British Red Cross – PSA

Here’s some storyboards for a PSA for the British Red Cross, about … not drinking?  Drinking but not to excess?  Don’t leave your friends when they’re blackout drunk?  Or when your friends are blackout drunk, turn them on their side before you abandon them so that they don’t choke on their own vomit…. that’s it, that’s the one.  Anyway, this time the director used a split screen technique to show the girl’s fate play out in alternate universes.  Girl on the right lives and the girl on the left is worm food.  Too bad for her.  Storyboards turned out pretty decent though!  The director put the boards into an animatic and that looked pretty good- and the slideshow below should come pretty close to that!

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B&W Humor Males Samples

“Monopoly” Lottery

Here’s a fun series of boards. Kinda wacky.  A “Monopoly”-obsessed man comes home and plays the lottery.  His whole life revolves around monopoly…  Some pretty funny visuals in here.  I think I did a pretty good job of drawing the oversize monopoly pieces.

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