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  • Call of Duty “Extinction”- Cinematic

    Call of Duty “Extinction”- Cinematic

    Lucky me, I got to work with the very talented folks at The Mill earlier this year, and storyboard their cinematic cutscene that they were doing for the new Call of Duty “Extinction” series.  It’s a DLC expansion game, I believe, which means it’s a smaller, downloadable game, part of a very popular franchise, and […]

  • “What is Smart?” Vizio

    “What is Smart?” Vizio

    So this was a great project to be a part of.  The producer at Mirada knew me from my time at Brand New School and recommended me for the storyboards on this spot- :60 commercial introducing the “Smart” TV from Vizio.  This was another one of those “come up with something nobody’s ever seen before” […]

  • Celebrity Apprentice / Walgreens Storyboards

    Celebrity Apprentice / Walgreens Storyboards

    Invariably, a career in commercial storyboarding will eventually involve drawing celebrities endorsing products.  Sometimes the celebrities not only endorse products, but also the retailers that the products are sold in, and even the charities that benefit from the sales of the products, and ultimately the show that features the celebrities that compete to benefit the […]

  • “Daddy, where does the internet come from?”

    “Daddy, where does the internet come from?”

    So, a while ago, I worked with a company that will remain nameless, to produce boards for a competitive pitch for a commercial for a cable company that shall remain nameless.  Why all the namelessness?  Well, in the end, we lost the pitch to a company that shall remain nameless.  So all the hard work […]