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Quick Little Post- Target

I’ve fallen out of habit on updating this site, but I’m gonna try and get back into it. So here we go!

In early 2009 I would sometimes go out and do storyboards for a company called Schematic- another motion graphics company.  These places are full of designers and normally places that are full of digital artists don’t outsource their storyboards- but sometimes they do!  Usually if it involves drawing freehand stuff that isn’t easy to photoshop, like certain poses of people, or environments.  So they’ll hire them out to guys like me.  Schematic was in Culver City, if i recall, my least favorite place to visit, but they’ve shut down by now I believe, so I don’t mind talking about it.  Kind of a neat place they had, but a little too stuffy for my tastes.  I’ve seen some of the schematic people since move on to other studios, so it’s nice to see that things go on.

Anyway, this assignment was for something like a Target fashion show- probably just a pitch, looking back on it. They only need a few drawings, so it wasn’t too hard.  They were pretty happy with these if I recall.  I think I did a good job.  This is just a little bit after I started using my latest drawing tools – more on that later.

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By maxforward

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